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The APAW Project

The APAW Project

The UIA Architectural Practice Around the World (APAW) database is an online resource for accessing basic information on UIA Member Section architectural practice environments. The APAW includes information organized in six categories: 

  • General Statistics (general population, numbers of architects and students, types of practice, contact information);
  • Licensure Requirements (education, experience/internship, examination, title granted); Regulatory Information (title and function protection, regulating organization’ code of ethics, basic copyright law information);
  • Practice Requirements (practice scope, permissible services, liability insurance and continuing education requirements);
  • Procurement Information (methods to obtain commissions, information on compensation for services);
  • International Practice Issues (requirements for international practice, citizenship/residency requirements, documentation, established mutual recognition arrangements).

    By facilitating access to practice-related information, the APAW will improve the mobility of architects and foster collaboration across borders.  The APAW database is viable, flexible, and ready for implementation!