Architects are no longer confined to the borders of their own countries when providing services. Either working from their home base, associating with a foreign fellow architect or opening an office abroad, international practice has become a consequence of the global economy.
These webpages provide insightful information about the architectural profession around the world. It is the best existing database to understand the context in which architects work and constitutes a focal point in assisting them in their transnational practice.
The information can be consulted by country and by subject:

For each country, there are 6 main blocks of information:

For each subject, a statistics engine enables users to obtain comparative data by territorial area. These areas can be geographical continents, economical or political zones deriving from international accords, or the 5 world regions as defined by the UIA.

This research has been promoted by the UIA Professional Practice Commission and is based on the Accord on Recommended International Standards of Professionalism in Architectural Practice. This document, approved by UIA’s General Assembly in 1999, is the basis for mutual recognition of architectural competencies at the international level and is aimed to promote and facilitate international mobility.

This study is based on the information provided by the professional bodies that represent the architects in their individual countries. The UIA accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of this information.
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